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Ben’s story

I enjoy my life again and feel 20 years younger

Ben, 54, Carpenter

For several years, I have been bothered by my constant need to urinate. I was going about 10 times during the day and 3 or 4 times at night. It really bothered me and was affecting my professional life. I was very tired during the day, my energy level was very low, and I often had difficulty concentrating. I felt terrible and was sometimes too tired to go to work.

Eventually, I went to see my healthcare professional who referred me to a specialist. It took some time to get my treatment right and the first medicine I tried didn’t help at all. I underwent some additional tests and needed to fill in a ‘bladder diary’ , noting my drinking and urination habits. Based on these results, I received a new treatment which stopped my excessive urination in the day but had little effect at night.

The healthcare professional was very supportive and assured me he could treat that too. I received an additional treatment which changed my life completely! I enjoy my life again and feel 20 years younger! Nowadays, I only wake up at night to urinate very occasionally, and if I do it’s only once. Usually this happens after a night out with my friends at the dance club.

Nocturia questionnaire

Complete this questionnaire to see how much you are drinking and urinating.

Nocturia Quality Of Life questionnaire

Complete this questionnaire to see the impact of Nocturia on your everyday life.

Bladder Diary

Download and complete this ICS Bladder Diary to see how much you are drinking and urinating.

Reclaim your night.
Re-energise your day.

Nocturia is usually easy to treat, so if your night-time bathroom trips are affecting your day to day life, it’s time to talk to your healthcare professional. Together, you and they may be able to determine the cause of your Nocturia and decide on the best treatment option so that you can reclaim your nights and re-energise your days.